Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not really dreaming of a White Christmas...but it's nice I guess.

Despite having the lack of motivation to blog this Winter, I am happy to say I am still cooking up a storm. Thankfully, I have not reached that point of laziness yet. You know how it is, I suppose sort of like exercise, you forget to do it one day and then next thing you know one day turns into one month...or one quarter of a year. I am also sad to say I have literally repeated this trend with the gym. Oops. Okay, but when the windchill gets down to negative 57(no exaggeration), can you blame me?! 25 degrees seems like Spring, honestly!

I find myself reaching for easier recipes during the week because Camden has school and we seem to be in go, go, go mode these days. However, our Christmas was amazingly relaxed[other than an asthma attack from Roman and Jason getting sick, but we'll ignore those downers because, they didn't seem to impact our spirits]. Jason was home - and OFF duty. Granted, he is currently on night shift so he was a bit groggy. Really it was great. I wanted to blog this before it got too late and I forgot.

We spent the day opening presents, had our typical Christmas morning breakfast(Biscuits and Gravy, anyone?), called our families, played with the kids, and then ended the evening with this amazing meal. I made a Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Sauce on the side - my first time ever and definitely WILL NOT be the last. I never knew beef could be so buttery! On the side we had fresh made Parker House rolls, a Citrus Holiday Salad(which was the second show-stopper of the evening), Scalloped Potatoes, and Corn Casserole. Yuuuu-my! Why can't it be Christmas everyday?

We ended the meal with this Port Cherry Trifle(not the exact title of the recipe), I ran across the recipe while randomly searching for something else and couldn't get it out of my mind. It was definitely worth every calorie!


Carla said...

Welcome back! Hopefully you can back into the blogging spirit, but as long as you are cooking/baking, that's all that matters. Mmm I love horseradish! And I really need to buy a trifle bowl.