Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm back...

I don't know if anyone actually checks my blog anymore, I apologize for my extended absence. A 20 hour plane ride, week long vacation in LA, CA, few weeks in temporary military housing, a bout of strep for Cammy, the flu for both my boys and I'm finally back! We have settled into our house and now I'm(almost) in the full swing of things. The Hub's schedule is a little more predictable now which has lead to large breakfasts every Saturday and dinner at a reasonable hour.

However, the cold is doing us in. Between sickness and general apathy from constant snow I am slowly adjusting. I have had natural cravings for comfort food and have rediscovered my love for the slow cooker. Gracing our table lately have been things like Beef Burgundy, Pot Roast, and of course soups.

I have taken a fondness to Mark Bittman's recipe for Minestrone topping with Parmigiano Reggiano and served with biscuits. Veggie soups are perfect since they warm you up, however, you don't have that heavy guilt you get when you eat something meaty.

It is nice to be back in the US and not have vegetables that have been shipped to a remote island and are on the verge of a moldy death by the time they reach the market. Little things like that...so I'm glad to be back.


jmccowan said...

Hi Carla,

Glad your back posting. Your house looks nice, but it looks like you have gone from one extreme to another. I am glad that you all are adjusting fairly well.


Carla said...

Thanks for the encouragement to keep it up Lynn!

Leann said...

You are back! Hi Carla!!! I would SO love to have a little room next to my kitchen for cookbooks and pantry staples. How cool! Your food looks scrumptious!!!

Deborah said...

Oh, thanks for sharing this picture with me! I think I saw this episode of 30 Minute Meals, although I might be imagining things. Looks delicious!