Friday, August 11, 2006

Green Chai Tea Ice Cream

I made this the other day as the hub and I have enjoyed ice cream thoroughly lately. We both grew up in a home that always had ice cream in the freezer and ate it every night. We have had green tea ice cream, green tea gelato, chai "ice cream[rice]." It was made with rice milk, so would that be considered ice rice? hehe. The recipe recommended it be made with loose tea, however all I had was tea bags and was anxious to make it. So I made it double strength and it was good. I am anxious to see how it may have tasted with loose tea.

The recipe was your typical custard ice cream: one part cream, two parts milk, egg yolk, sugar. I added an extra egg yolk because after sitting at the stove for 1 hour, it wasn't thickening and I figured it wouldn't hurt. It didn't....thickened right up within minutes. Don't know if the recipe had too little egg yolks? It asked for four, most recipes I've seen ask for more. So I don't know. Anyway, this is the chilled custard mixture.

Here it is in the ice cream freezer.

This was the final result, well before I put it in the freezer. As you know, ice cream usually comes out in a soft serve type consistency. I gave the dasher to the hub to lick, he wouldn't stop. Before freezing, I swirled in some honey as an experiment, thinking it would be good. However, the honey overpowered the flavor of the ice cream. I don't think I will be doing that again.

THIS is the final result. Let me just say... it was good. I am anxious to try it with loose tea minus honey next time too. I think it'll be perfect then. This was a good learning experience. I am more comfortable with ice cream now. I grew up in a home where homeade ice cream was vanilla and the most exotic flavor would be to throw in some strawberries, peaches, or maybe oreo's. I used to be pretty intimidated by it thinkin it was science(which I guess it is to a certain degree), but it's actually quite easy to play around.


Anonymous said...

truly amazing. green chai ice cream - sounds wonderful!!!!

Cindy said...

LOOKS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr.Gray said...

Here is a little free advise. Do not make green tea ice cream with tea bags...ever. Matcha powder is pretty easy to get now and the flavor/color is just so much better.